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Cleveland's festival of art & technology

MorrisonDance worked with NASA to create

Fri.Sat: July 14 & 15, 2006 @ 7:30pm

presented as a part of Cleveland's Ingenuity Festival of Art & Technology
at a converted performance space in Cleveland,Ohio's historic
MAY Company building, on the corner of Euclid & Prospect Avenu

MorrisonDance & NASA collaborated to present dance choreography featuring captivating imagery from NASA's space shuttle Discovery mission (STS-92) to "Rendezvous" and dock to the International Space Station.

The presentation explored the marvels of space travel through the dreams of young aspiring astronauts (portrayed by the dancers) who blast off into orbit. With help from their "dream-team," they experience many outer space encounters until arriving at the international space station where their aspirations are carried to life. This unique presentation, directed & choreographed by Sarah Morrison, included creative input from MorrisonDance company members, Heather Baur, Maree ReMalia, and Kalindi Stockton, who performed with several guest dancers from the Ohio community. Representatives of NASA Glenn Research Center worked with Morrison to incorporate the use of a telescoping man-lift in order to capture, and artistically interpret the space-walking procedures used by the NASA astronauts during the Discovery mission.


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